Cher Live at The Mirage DVD

David Lee Roth

DLR Night Life CD

The Storm

Eye of The Storm

Gregg Rolie


Rain Dance

Sonic Ranch




John Pratt “Turn The Page”
Charley Langer “Never The Same”
Gregg Rolie Band “Rain Dance”
Gregg Rolie “Roots”
WCR “Rock The World”
Richie Sambora Live Concert Recording from European Tour – Recorded at The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
Foreigner Various Tracks for Untitled CD – Recorded at The Studio at Linden Oaks, Rochester, NY
The Storm “Eye of The Storm”
David Lee Roth “Night Life” (Limited Edition CD)
Cher “Greatest Hits 1965-1992”
Ronn Moss “I’m Your Man”
David Glen Eisley “Stranger From The Past”
Dave Meniketti “On The Blue Side”
Majic Ship “The Complete Authorized Recordings”
Majic Ship “Songwaves Project”
Fergie Frederiksen “Equilibrium”
Rocket Ritchotte “Salute”
Firefly “Where You Gonna Run”
Firefly “After The Fire”
Firefly “Automatic”
Loren Gold “Keys”
Tamara Champlin “You Won’t Get To Heaven Alive”
Harlan Cage “Forbidden Colors”
Julie Morrow “Guide Me”
Julie Morrow “Believe”
Julie Morrow Various Tracks
Craig Goldy “Hidden In Plain Sight”
Joe Penny Various Tracks
Mercedes/Bruce Gowdy Untitled CD
Rainey Lewis/Rocket Ritchotte Untitled CD
Doc Tahri “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8”
Jane Booke “Jane Booke”
Midnight Fiction “Lady From Mars”
Ransom “Trouble In Paradise”
St. Clair “St. Clair”
Mark Anderson “No Easy Way Out”
Big Signal Various Tracks
Drew Neumann Various Tracks for Nickelodeon TV Shows (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and The Wild Thornberry’s)
Jesse Harms “The Best of What I’ve Got”
Dave Odegaard “Gravity”
Bill Champlin Various Tracks
Jagged Moon Various Tracks
Once Bitten Soundtrack Album for MCA Motion Picture featuring Jim Carrey and Lauren Hutton
Mystery Date Soundtrack for Orion Pictures Motion Picture featuring Ethan Hawke and Teri Polo.
Network Music Compilation Album
Adrian Gurvitz/Jesse Harms Various Tracks

Various other recordings including Jingles, Soundtracks etc.

ArtistAlbumYearGregg RolieRoots2001Gregg RolieRain Dance2009Gregg RolieSonic Ranch2019David Lee RothNight Life1994CherGreatest Hits 1965-19921996The StormEye of The Storm1996Eisley/Goldy – David Glen Eisley and Craig GoldyBlood, Guts and Games2017Marcy RequistCovers of Comfort2016Dave MenikettiOn The Blue Side1995World Classic RockersRock The World2000Charley Langer[24]Never The Same2009Dan GallapooDrop It2013Majic ShipSongwaves Project1999Fergie FrederiksenEquilibrium1999The WeightliftersLast of The Sunday Drivers2007David Glen EisleyStranger From The Past2000Loren GoldKeys2005Jesse HarmsThe Best of What I’ve Got2003Ronn MossI’m Your Man (Australia Bonus Tracks)2004Majic ShipThe Complete Authorized Recordings1997Tamara ChamplinYou Won’t Get To Heaven Alive1996CherCher Extravaganza: Live at The Mirage DVD1991Bobby CrewFirst Hello1990Midnight FictionLady From Mars1984John PrattTurn The Page2011FireflyWhere You Gonna Run1993FireflyAfter The Fire1995FireflyAutomatic1997Harlan CageForbidden Colors1999Julie MorrowGuide Me2003Julie MorrowBelieve2001Craig GoldyHidden In Plain Sight1993Doc Tahri1 2 3 4 5 6 7 81987Jane BookeJane Booke1989RansomTrouble In Paradise1993St. ClairSt. Clair1988Mark AndersonNo Easy Way Out1987David Glen EisleyTattered, Torn and Worn2019Liberty ‘N JusticeThe Cigar Chronicles – Volume 22012Boneyard Dog[25]Bluesbound Train2016Rocket RichotteSalute2004

Television, Radio and Video





Gregg Rolie Band 2009 PBS TV Latin Legends Featuring Trini Lopez, El Chicano and many others.
Gregg Rolie Band 2001 Macy’s Passport Featuring Elizabeth Taylor, Magic Johnson, Reba McEntire, Will Smith, Macy Gray, Carmen Electra and more.
Gregg Rolie Band 2001 Rockline Radio Live, Nationally Syndicated Radio show featuring Bob Coburn
Gregg Rolie Band 2001 Mark & Brian Radio Show Live, Nationally Syndicated, LA Based Radio show featuring Mark Thompson and Brian Phelps
WCR 2000 “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee” Live show on ABC Television.
Richie Sambora 1998 Various Shows Various appearances on Japanese, European and Australian TV during the “Undiscovered Soul” Tour
Foreigner 1995 – 1997 Various Shows Various appearances on US, German, British, Belgian, French, Australian and Japanese Television.
David Lee Roth 1994 Fox TV Special Television Special shot in Hawaii, hosted by Pamela Anderson and Pauly Shore.
David Lee Roth 1994 Howard Stern Show Live Radio Broadcast
David Lee Roth 1994 Rockline Radio Live, Nationally Syndicated Radio show featuring Bob Coburn
The Storm 1992 “Show Me The Way” Music Video Music Video, directed by Tobe Hooper
Cher 1990 “Cher Extravaganza – Live at The Mirage” CBS Television Show – BMG DVD Video
Cher 1990 “Prime Time Live” Live Broadcast from Jones Beach Amphitheater – plus taped segments from Dallas, TX and Detroit, MI
Cher 1990 “Live Concert” Live Concert for Australian Sky Channel from Melbourne Tennis Center, Melbourne, Australia
Cher 1990 “An Evening With…” Live Concert from The Greek Theater in LA for ABC Worldwide Television Broadcast featuring Cher, Meryl Streep, Robin Williams, Goldie Hawn, Lily Tomlin, Bette Midler, Ted Danson and Olivia Newton John.
Cher 1989 MTV Video Music Awards Live performance from Universal Amphitheather. Broadcast worldwide.
Zen Daddy-O 1987 Music Video Music Video for “Tell Me I’m Wrong”
Ricky Phillips 1987 Bass Instructional Video Guest performance on Ricky Phillips’ Star Licks Bass Instructional Video. (Ricky is the bass player with Styx – formerly with Bad English, The Baby’s, Coverdale/Page and more)


Various other appearances on shows throughout the World


I’ve been fortunate, throughout my career, to have had to pleasure to be associated with, and endorse the products of the following fine musical companies:

Sonor Drums

Zildjian Cymbals

Rimshot Drumsticks

Remo Drumheads

Electro-Voice Microphones

Spirit by Soundcraft Digital 328 Recording Console

Aurasound Pro Bass Drum Throne Shakers

Musical Friends

Here is a list, in no particular order, of some of the great musicians, engineers, producers and other music related associates that I have had the great pleasure to work with, or at least know, in one capacity or another over the years. I’ve listed whatever credits they have (that I can remember!) in parentheses. I’ll keep adding to the list as I work with more people and as I remember others but, as you can see, I’ve been very lucky!!


  • Cher (Solo, Sonny & Cher)
  • Gregg Rolie (Santana, Journey, The Storm, Solo)
  • Lou Gramm (Foreigner)
  • Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon)
  • Richie Sambora (Solo, Bon Jovi)
  • David Lee Roth (Solo, Van Halen)
  • Kevin Chalfant (The Storm, 707, The View)
  • Fergie Frederiksen (Toto, Le Roux etc.)
  • Bill Champlin (Chicago, Sons of Champlin etc.)
  • Tamara Champlin
  • Mike Finnigan (Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jimi Hendrix etc.)
  • Bill Lynch
  • David Glen Eisley (Giuffria, Dirty White Boy, Solo)
  • Dave Amato (REO Speedwagon, Ted Nugent, Cher etc.)
  • Randy Meisner (The Eagles, Poco, Solo)
  • Spencer Davis (Spencer Davis Group)
  • Denny Laine (Wings, The Moody Blues)
  • Jon Bon Jovi (Solo, Bon Jovi)
  • Peter Frampton (Solo, Humble Pie, David Bowie)
  • Jason Scheff (Chicago)
  • John Pratt (Firefly)
  • Tommy Girvin (Eddie Money, Ransom)
  • Larry Greene (Harlan Cage)
  • Tom Johnston (The Doobie Brothers)
  • Pat Simmons (The Doobie Brothers)
  • Michael McDonald (The Doobie Brothers)
  • Jay Bolan
  • Mark Williamson
  • Robbie Wyckoff
  • Teresa James
  • David Morgan
  • Paul Warren (Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Richard Marx etc.)
  • Brett Tuggle (David Lee Roth, Fleetwood Mac etc.)
  • Rick Springfield
  • The Righteous Brothers
  • The Everly Brothers
  • The Pointer Sisters
  • Dave Meniketti (Solo, Y & T)
  • Peter Beckett (Player)
  • Ronn Moss (Player, The Bold & The Beautiful)
  • Tony Sciuto (Little River Band, Player)
  • Kenny James
  • Mara Getz
  • Peggy Lee
  • Mike “Beefboy” Garrigan (Majic Ship)
  • Tommy Nikosey (Majic Ship)

Guitar Players

  • Dave Amato (REO Speedwagon, Ted Nugent, Richie Sambora, etc.)
  • Richie Sambora (Solo, Bon Jovi)
  • Danny Jacob (Cher, Sheena Easton, George Michael etc.)
  • Rocket Ritchotte (David Lee Roth, Rickie Lee Jones, Steppenwolf)
  • Mick Jones (Foreigner)
  • Peter Frampton (Solo, Humble Pie, David Bowie)
  • Dave Meniketti (Solo, Y & T)
  • Bob Mayo (Peter Frampton, Foreigner, Hall & Oates)
  • John Thomas (Vixen, Wilson/Phillips, Firefly)
  • Bobby Gilles (Firefly)
  • Tommy Girvin (Eddie Money, Ransom)
  • Steve Farris (Mr. Mister, Eddie Money, Whitesnake, Player)
  • Michael Hakes (Cher, Natalie Cole, Player)
  • Bruce Howell (Cher)
  • Denny Laine (Wings, Moody Blues)
  • Michael Monarch (Steppenwolf, Detective)
  • Kurt Griffey (Gregg Rolie Band)
  • Randall Hall (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  • Spencer Davis (Spencer Davis Group)
  • Ed Tree (Spencer Davis Group)
  • Laurence Juber (Wings)
  • Bruce Gowdy
  • Terry Kilgore (David Lee Roth)
  • Kevin Dukes (Billy Joel)
  • Paul Warren (Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, Richard Marx etc.)
  • Jamie Glaser (Jean Luc Ponty, Chick Corea, Manhattan Transfer, Bryan Adams)
  • Mike Miller
  • Ross Bolton
  • Steve Lukather (Toto, Sessions)
  • Slash (Guns & Roses)
  • Mick Taylor (The Rolling Stones)
  • Peter Hume (Melissa Manchester)
  • Neal Schon (Journey, Santana, Bad English, Hardline etc.)
  • Josh Ramos (The Storm, Le Mans)
  • Tim Pierce (Sessions)
  • Michael Thompson (Sessions)
  • Bill Lynch

Bass Players

  • Hugh McDonald (Bon Jovi, Cher, Alice Cooper, Ringo Starr, Ricky Martin etc.)
  • Kasim Sulton (Meatloaf, Todd Rundgren, Richie Sambora)
  • Alphonso Johnson (Santana, Weather Report, Billy Cobham, Phil Collins, Gregg Rolie Band etc.)
  • Neil Stubenhaus (Sessions, Barbra Streisand)
  • Nathan East (Eric Clapton, Fourplay, Sessions etc.)
  • Tim Landers (Vital Information, Al Dimeola, Billy Cobham, Lee Ritenour, John Tesh etc.)
  • Matt Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani, Rick Springfield etc.)
  • Bob Birch (Elton John, Jose Feliciano)
  • Mick Mahan (Pat Benatar)
  • Rick Phillips (The Babys, Bad English, Firefly etc.)
  • Bruce Hall (REO Speedwagon)
  • Bruce Turgon (Foreigner)
  • Ross Valory (Journey, The Storm, Michael Bolton, Steve Miller etc.)
  • Larry Antonino (Jeff Beck, Sessions)
  • Lance Morrison (Don Henley, Alanis Morrisette, Sessions)
  • Eric Pressly (Cher)
  • Mark Browne (Melissa Etheridge)
  • Taras Prodaniuk (Dwight Yoakam)
  • Randy Meisner (The Eagles, Poco, Solo)
  • Nick St. Nicholas (Steppenwolf)
  • Billy Sheehan (David Lee Roth, Mr. Big)
  • James Hunting (David Lee Roth, Union)
  • Ronn Moss (Player, The Bold & The Beautiful, Solo)
  • Myron Dove (Santana, Dave Meniketti)
  • Melvin Davis (The Pointer Sisters)
  • John Parr (Cher)
  • Donnie Nossov (Pat Benatar, John Waite, Cher)
  • Donny Cromwell (Eddie Money)
  • Terry Wilson
  • Rick Cortes (Spencer Davis Group)
  • Mike Seifrit (Rick Springfield, Tina Turner)
  • Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot, Giuffria)

Keyboard Players

  • Gregg Rolie (Santana, Journey, The Storm, Solo)
  • Wally Minko (Jean Luc Ponty, Barry Manilow, Tom Jones, Sessions)
  • David Bryan (Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora)
  • Paul Mirkovich (Cher, Jeffrey Osborne, Nelson, Hanson)
  • Scott Gorham (Cher, Richard Marx)
  • Dave Vanacore (Cher, Poco, TV/Film scores)
  • Jeff Jacobs (Foreigner, Billy Joel, Julian Lennon)
  • Tommy Mandel (Bryan Adams, Richie Sambora, Ian Hunter)
  • Bill Champlin (Chicago, Sons of Champlin etc.)
  • Mike Finnigan (Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Mason etc.)
  • Michael Alemania (Wilson/Phillips, Firefly)
  • Brett Tuggle (David Lee Roth, Fleetwood Mac, Chris Isaak etc.)
  • David Garfield (Karizma)
  • Jim Blazer (Spencer Davis Group)
  • Gary Scott (Cher)
  • Judy Albano (Ben E. King, Bernard Purdie, Mary Wilson, Tony Danza)
  • Mitchell Forman (Sessions)
  • Roger Scott Craig (Harlan Cage)
  • John Purdell (Ozzy Osbourne, Foreigner, Heart, Rick Springfield etc.)
  • Jonathan Cain (Journey, Bad English)
  • Tom Gimbel (Aerosmith, Foreigner)
  • Vince DiCola (Rocky IV composer)

Drummers & Percussionists

  • Steve Smith (Journey, Steps, Vital Information, Jean Luc Ponty etc.)
  • Todd Sucherman (Styx, Brian Wilson)
  • Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani, Sessions)
  • Mickey Curry (Bryan Adams, Hall & Oates, Sessions)
  • Pat Torpey (Mr. Big, Robert Plant, Belinda Carlisle, John Parr)
  • Deen Castronovo (Journey, Bad English, Ozzy Osbourne etc.)
  • Mark Schulman (Richard Marx, Cher, Simple Minds, Foreigner etc.)
  • Russ McKinnon (Tower of Power, Joe Cocker)
  • John “JR” Robinson (Sessions)
  • Jeff Porcaro (Toto, Steely Dan, Sessions)
  • Joe Porcaro (Sessions)
  • Tommy Aldridge (Ted Nugent, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake etc.)
  • Eddie Tuduri (Jim Messina, Dwight Yoakam)
  • Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart, Ozzy Osbourne etc.)
  • Bruce Gary (The Knack)
  • Myron Grombacher (Pat Benatar)
  • Billy Ward (Joan Osborne)
  • Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick)
  • Bryan Hitt (REO Speedwagon, Wang Chung)
  • Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting, Frank Zappa, Joni Mitchell, Sessions)
  • Carlos Vega (James Taylor, Sessions)
  • Scott Breadman (Lindsey Buckingham, Sessions)
  • Michael Carabello (Santana, Abraxas Pool)
  • Adrian Areas (Gregg Rolie)
  • Brian Kilgore (Sessions)
  • Michael Fisher (Sessions)
  • Mark Craney (Jethro Tull, Gino Vanelli, Tower of Power etc.)
  • Doane Perry (Jethro Tull)
  • Debra Dobkin (Bonnie Raitt, Don Henley, Al Jarreau etc.)
  • Walfredo Reyes Jr. (Steve Winwood, Santana etc.)

Horn Players

  • Tom Marino (Gregg Rolie, Sessions)
  • Tom Gimbel (Aerosmith, Foreigner)
  • Scott Gilman (Foreigner)
  • Mark Rivera (Foreigner, Billy Joel, Ringo Starr etc.)
  • Glenn Berger (Tom Jones, Sessions)

String Players

  • Suzie Katayama (Firefly, Sessions)


  • Gregg Rolie (Santana, Journey, The Storm, Gregg Rolie Band)
  • Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi, Solo)
  • Lou Gramm (Foreigner)
  • Mick Jones (Foreigner, Spooky Tooth, Eric Clapton)