David Glen Eisley – Stranger From The Past

Album Cover

Stranger From The Past Album Cover

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Album Credits

David Glen Eisley – Lead and Background Vocals, Lead Guitar, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Drums on Track 6
Ron Wikso – Drums (Except for Track 6)
Craig Goldy – Lead Guitar (Except for Tracks 3, 8 and 11)
Pat Regan – Organ and Strings on Track 3
Chuck Wright – Bass Guitar on Tracks 2, 4, 5, 9, 10 and 12
Ricky Phillips – Bass Guitar on Track 6
Steph Ellis – Bass Guitar on Tracks 3 and 7
India Joy Eisley – Door Slam
Eric Rigler – Uilleann Pipes on Tracks 1 and 13

Produced by G. D. Tubbs
Mixed by Pat Regan


Here is a YouTube Music Playlist with all the songs from “Stranger From The Past”:

Here is a Spotify Playlist with all the songs from “Stranger From The Past”:

Additional Info

Dave had been working on these songs for a while and when he decided to actually move forward and put a record together, he came over to my studio and we recorded all the drums for it in about two days.

I believe some of the tracks may have existed previously, from past projects that he didn’t use them for, so some bass, guitar and keyboard tracks were already there. The rest of the overdubs were done after we did the drum tracks and he brought everything over to Pat Regan’s studio, where they did some more overdubs and also mixed the record.

I hope you enjoy it!

Track List

The Return
Stranger From The Past
Can’t Call It Love
Run, Run, Run
Sing Brother
Don’t Turn Away
Who You Tryin’ To Fool
Stranger In Love
Can’t Wait Forever
When It’s Over
Waiting On Heaven
The Departure

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