Boneyard Dog – Bluesbound Train

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Boneyard Dog - Bluesbound Train CD Cover Artwork

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Album Credits

Vocals – Rob Mancini
Guitars – Davey Kerrigan
Drums – Ron Wikso
Keyboards – Tony Carey

Produced, Mixed, Engineered, and Mastered by Rob Mancini

Drums engineered and recorded by Ron Wikso


Here’s a YouTube Music playlist with all the songs from this record:


Additional Info

Rob Mancini contacted me after being referred to me by my friend, John Pratt, who I’ve done several records with. Rob is based in Ireland and needed to get drums recorded for this record, so he sent me the songs and I recorded the drums in my studio, and sent them back to him in Ireland.

This was a really fun record to make, in the blues/rock genre, with gritty vocals and guitar playing by Rob and Davey, and some cool keyboard tracks from Tony Carey. Hope you enjoy it!

Track List
Mother Lode
Kingdom Of Your Company
Lonely Road
100 Guns
Bluesbound Train
Paid My Dues
Lay Down The Law
Hell And Back
Fire Down Below
Boneyard Dog

Boneyard Dog with Rob Mancini, Davey Kerrigan, Tony Carey and Ron Wikso

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