World Classic Rockers – Rock The World

Album Cover

WCR - Rock The World - CD Front Cover Artwork

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Album Credits

Randy Meisner – Bass Guitar (“Take It To The Limit”, “Take It Easy”, “Hotel California”) and Lead Vocals (“Take It To The Limit”, “Take It Easy”)
Denny Laine – Guitar (“Band On The Run”, “Live and Let Die”), Keyboards (“Go Now”), Lead Vocals (“Go Now, “Band On The Run”, “Live and Let Die”)
Spencer Davis – Guitar, Lead Vocals (“Gimme Some Lovin'”, “I’m A Man”)
Michael Monarch – Guitar
Ron Wikso – Drums, Percussion
Fergie Frederiksen – Lead (“Rosanna”, “Africa”, “Hot Blooded”, “Double Vision”, “Hotel California”) and Background Vocals
Nick St. Nicholas – Bass Guitar (all songs except “Take It To The Limit”, “Take It Easy”, “Hotel California”), Lead (“Magic Carpet Ride”, “Born To Be Wild”) and Background Vocals
Kurt Griffey – Guitar, Background Vocals
Steve Stewart – Keyboards (except “Go Now”), Lead (Verses on “Africa”) and Background Vocals
Rosilee St. Nicholas – Lead (“Piece of My Heart”, “Me and Bobby McGee”) and Background Vocals
Randall Hall – Guitar, Lead Vocals (“Sweet Home Alabama”)

Produced and Mixed by Ron Wikso and Michael Monarch

Mastered by Brad Vance at DNA Mastering


Additional Info

Track List

Take It Easy
Gimme Some Lovin’
Magic Carpet Ride
Go Now
Hot Blooded
Me and Bobby McGee
Piece of My Heart
Take It To The Limit
Hotel California
I’m A Man
Band On The Run
Born To Be Wild

Bonus Tracks**

Sweet Home Alabama
Double Vision
Live and Let Die

**These tracks don’t actually appear on this version of the CD but were added to a later version. Randall Hall joined the band after this initial version of the CD was done, which is why “Sweet Home Alabama” was done at that point. Since we were recording that song, we decided to also add “Double Vision” and “Live and Let Die” as well, so I’ve just listed those three songs here as bonus tracks and included them in the playlist so you can hear them.

WCR - Rock The World CD Tray Card Artwork - Top Row (L-R) Spencer Davis, Steve Stewart, Michael Monarch, Kurt Griffey, Ron Wikso. Bottom Row (L-R) Fergie Frederiksen, Nick St. Nicholas, Rosilee St. Nicholas, Denny Laine, Randy Meisner. WCR - Rock The World CD - Back Cover Artwork

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