Marcy Requist – Wall of Glass

Song Artwork

Wall of Glass - Single Artwork

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Song Credits

Marcy Requist – Vocals
Ron Wikso – Drums and Percussion
Wally Minko – Piano
Kurt Griffey – Guitars
Matt Bissonette – Bass Guitar

Produced and Mixed by Ron Wikso

Cover Art Created, and Video Produced and Edited by Ron Wikso

Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Mastering


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Additional Info

Marcy Requist & Ron Wikso wrote Wall of Glass during the Covid-19 Quarantine of 2020. The inspiration came from a first-hand knowledge an d understanding of what it’s like to be unable to visit a parent in a nursing home during the quarantine.

The story begins in a hospital nursery with a new father looking at his baby daughter through its protective “wall of glass”. As the song moves on, the little girl grows up, and now she is looking at her father through a “wall of glass” from outside his nursing home. As so many people experienced during Covid-19, the girl is unable to visit him because of the quarantine rules that were in effect.

The father, like many elderly nursing home patients, has dementia, so there’s also a figurative wall that stands between him and his memories of his daughter. Many people have said they recognize themselves, or someone they know within this story, so perhaps you’ll find a connection to it as well, and hopefully, some comfort from the message,”Have faith, this too shall pass.”

At the time we wrote and recorded this, we were under those Covid restrictions too, but not being able to be in the same studio during a quarantine didn’t stop us from recording the song. As seen in the music video, technology makes it possible to be hundred of miles apart, but still be able to play “together”.

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Here is the video we made for this song:

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