Midnight Fiction – Lady From Mars

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Album Credits

Lawrence Schwedler – Vocals and Harmonica
Carla Hall – Vocals
Ron Wikso – Drums
Michael Fisher – Percussion
Jamie Glaser – Guitar and Fretless Bass
Neil Roberts – Bass Guitar
John Douglas – Keyboards and Synthesizers
Jon Crosse – Saxophone

Produced by Mark Petach
Engineered by Heyward Collins
Recorded at Excalibur Studios – Studio City, CA


Here is a Bandcamp link for the 5 songs from Lady From Mars:


Additional Info

This 5 song EP is one of the first records I ever did, and was also the first one I did after moving to Los Angeles in 1982.

It’s got a sort of new wave/synth pop vibe to some of it, which is a bit out of my wheelhouse, but it was still such a fun and educational experience for me, particularly having the chance to work with such great musicians as session great, Michael Fisher on percussion, and guitar virtuoso, Jamie Glaser, who’s played with everyone from Jean Luc Ponty and Chick Corea, to Bryan Adams and Manhattan Transfer.

The EP was recorded in 1983 and released in February of 1984. We played together as a band, briefly, doing gigs around the Los Angeles area, but that’s as far as it went.

Track List
Take Me To Your Heart
Give Me Your Love
Lady From Mars
Midnight Revolutionary
Plea #3

Midnight Fiction - Lady From Mars Album Back Cover Artwork

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