Fergie Frederiksen – Equilibrium

Album Cover

Fergie Frederiksen - Equilibrium CD Cover

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Album Credits

Fergie Frederiksen – Lead Vocals
Ron Wikso – Drums
Ricky Phillips – Bass Guitars, Keyboards, Guitar, Background Vocals
Bruce Gowdy – Guitars, Keyboards
Rocket Ritchotte – Guitars
Neal Schon – Guitar Solo on “Language of Love”
Tim Pierce – Guitar Solos on “Blaze of Love”, “All For Love” and “Crazy”
Denny Laine – Acoustic Guitar on “The Truth Is Good Enough”
Michael Monarch – Slide Guitar on “Falling Into Place”
Marcus Nand – Nylon String Guitar on “Falling Into Place”
Steve Porcaro – Keyboards on “Mata Hari” and “Tell Me Diana”
Guy Allison – Keyboards (Strings) on “The Truth Is Good Enough”
Kelly Hansen – Background Vocals
Jason Scheff – Background Vocals “Best I Can Be” and “Falling Into Place”
Dave Amato – Background Vocals on “Language of Love”
Jeff Scott Soto – Background Vocals on “Best I Can Be”

Produced by Ricky Phillips
Mixed by Bruce Gowdy and Ricky Phillips

Mastered by Christoph Tuschen

Artwork by DTP Studio Winter


Here’s a YouTube Music playlist with all the songs from “Equilibrium”:

Here’s a Spotify playlist with all the songs from “Equilibrium”:

Additional Info

My longtime pal, Ricky Phillips produced this little gem for former Toto lead singer, Fergie Frederiksen, who I later wound up playing with in the World Classic Rockers.

This album is like a who’s who of Los Angeles session musicians, with folks like Steve Porcaro, Jason Scheff and many others (see the credits listed above), so I’m beyond thrilled ot have been asked to play on it.

Ricky and Bruce Gowdy did an amazing job putting the whole thing together and I think it came out pretty good. Give it a listen and see if you agree. I hope you enjoy it!

Track List

Blaze of Love
Mata Hari
All For Love
Best I Can Be
Tell Me Diana
Falling Into Place
Died In The Midst of a Dream
The Truth Is Good Enough
Language of Love

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