Loren Gold – Keys

Album Cover

Loren Gold - Keys Album Cover

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Album Credits

Loren Gold – Keyboards, Composer, Arranger, Programmer
Ron Wikso – Drums
Alphonso Johnson – Bass
Mindi Abair – Saxophone
Jamie Bonk – Guitar
Jason Hook – Guitar
Mike Beert – Cello
Nicholas Gunn – Flute

Mastered by Dan Stout


Here is a YouTube Music Playlist with all the songs on “Keys”:

Here is a Spotify Playlist with all the songs on “Keys”:

Track List

On Solid Ground
Everything’s Jake
4 My Baby
JJ Rider
This Moment
Blaze of Light
Sunny Side
Eternal Sun
Coming Home
Learning To Fly
A Song For You
Saying Goodbye

Additional Info

I met Loren through a mutual friend, comedian Dom Irrera, who I knew from when he was Cher’s opening act. Dom had met Loren when he was the house pianist at the famous Comedy Store, in Los Angeles and later introduced us.

Loren is a great guy and has had an incredible career, working with such diverse acts at The Who, Chicago, Roger Daltrey, Don Felder, Mandy Moore, Taylor Hicks, Hillary Duff, Rita Wilson and many others.

When he decided to make this solo instrumental record, he called me and asked me to play drums on it, which I was thrilled to do. We recorded all the drum tracks at my home studio and I got Alphonso Johnson to play bass guitar on it, which we also recorded at my studio. Loren took it from there.


Loren Gold - Keys - Alternate Album Cover

Alternate album cover.

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