Eisley / Goldy – Blood, Guts and Games

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Eisley Goldy - Blood, Guts and Games Album Cover Artwork

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Album Credits

David Glen Eisley – Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Bass, Hammond Organ
Craig Goldy – Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Organ
Ron Wikso – Drums
Chuck Wright – Bass Guitar
Alessandro del Vecchio – Keyboards

Produced by David Glen Eisley and Craig Goldy

Recorded by David Glen Eisley, Craig Goldy, Ron Wikso (Drum Tracks), and Alessandro del Vecchio

Mixed and Mastered by Alessandro del Vecchio

Photography by Lily Moffet and Bonnie Moffet

Artwork by Nello Dell’Omo


Here’s a YouTube Playlist with all the songs from Blood, Guts and Games

Additional Info

This was another fun record. My pal, Dave Eisley called me and asked if I could do it, as I’ve played on several of his records and of course, I gladly agreed. Dave is such a great guy to work with and always so complimentary!

The basic process, like for a lot of the records I do these days, was that he would send me the rough tracks that they had ready and I would record the drums in my studio and then send the files back to them so that they could add additional instruments and then of course, mix everything as they saw fit.

Released on Frontiers Records…hope you enjoy it!

Track List
The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
I Don’t Belong Here Anymore
Lies I Can Live With
No More Prayers In The Night
Love Of The Game
Wings Of A Hurricane
Life, “If Only A Memory”
Soul Of Madness
Track Thirteen
Believe In One Another

Eisley Goldy - Blood, Guts and Games Album Back Cover Artwork

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