Zen Dadio – Circa 1985

Album Cover

Zen Dadio - Circa 1985 Album Cover Artwork

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Album Credits

Rick Arbuckle – Vocals and Saxophone
Mary Cairns – Vocals
Stan Nirenberg – Guitars
Lance Saegusa – Guitars
Al Criado – Bass Guitar
Ron Wikso – Drums


Here’s a YouTube playlist with the three songs I recorded with Zen Dadio:

Additional Info

Zen Dadio was the brainchild of Rick Arbuckle, who is a really cool, hipster, beatnik kind of guy. Back in around 1985, when Rick had this band playing around the Los Angeles area, I was asked to do a few shows with the band, as well as to record three songs with them, which I’ve posted here.

It’s a fun set of songs, all pretty varied, from a 7/4 Latin Feel (“Dr. Kirby”), to a Reggae feel (“Maynard G. Krebs”), to a straight, New Wave-ish feel (“Tell Me I’m Wrong”).

I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the music video we did for the song, “Tell Me I’m Wrong”.

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