Dave Meniketti – On The Blue Side

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Album Credits

Dave Meniketti – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards
Ron Wikso – Drums and Percussion (“Loan Me A Dime”, “Until The Next Time”, “Just Coastin'”, “Bad Feeling”, “Take It Like A Man”, “Baby Blues”, “Mr. Blister”)
Jimmy Degrasso – Drums (“Man’s World”, “Angel On My Shoulder”, “Can’t Do Nothin’ Right”, “Say Goodbye”, “Parchman Farm”)
Myron Dove – Bass Guitar

Produced and Engineered by Dave Meniketti

Mixed by Tom Size and Dave Meniketti


Here’s a YouTube Music Playlist with the 7 songs I played on for this record:


Additional Info

I was referred by Scott Boorey (manager of The Storm and The Steve Miller Band) to Dave, to make this record with him. Scott had been Dave’s manager for the band, Y&T, for many years and when Dave decided to do a solo record, I was asked to participate, and I was honored and thrilled to do so!

I went up to Dave’s house in the San Jose area, where he has a beautiful studio built and was graciously hosted by him and his wife, Jill. I stayed there for a couple of days and we just went out to the studio and had a blast jamming and coming up with the stuff that makes up the recordings of the 7 songs I wound up playing on.

As the title implies, this is a blues based record, but make no mistake, Dave’s intense vocals and guitar playing also show the rock side he became known for in Y&T.

To round out the record, Dave had his drummer from Y&T at the time, Jimmy Degrasso, play on the other 5 songs, but I’ve only included the ones I’m on in the playlist on this page. I hope you enjoy it!

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