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Album Credits

Gregg Rolie – Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Hammond B3 Organ, Piano
Ron Wikso – Drums (all tracks except for “Only You”)
Michael Shrieve – Drums on “Only You”
Steve Lukather – Lead Guitar on “Give Me Tomorrow” and “They Want It All”
Neal Schon – Lead Guitar on “Breaking My Heart” and “Lift Me Up”
Dave Amato – Guitar on “Breaking My Heart” and “That’s The Way It Goes”
Kurt Griffey – Guitar on “Lift Me Up, “Us” and “You”
Rocket Ritchotte – Guitar on “Look Into The Future”
Alan Haynes – Guitar on “Give Me Tomorrow”, “They Want It All”, “Rockit”, “If I Went Home”, and “Don’t Be Cruel”
Sean Rolie – Guitar on “What About Love”
Alphonso Johnson – Bass Guitar (except “Only You”, “What About Love”, “Lift Me Up”, “Rockit”, “If I Went Home”, and “Don’t Be Cruel”)
Sticky Lopez – Bass Guitar on “If I Went Home”, and “Don’t Be Cruel”
Kenny Patterson – Bass Guitar on “Lift Me Up”, and “Rockit”,
Adrian Areas – Timbales and Percussion on “Breaking My Heart” and “That’s The Way It Goes”
Michael Carabello – Congas and Percussion on “Breaking My Heart” and “That’s The Way It Goes”
Daniel Sahad – Background Vocals
Akina Adderley – Background Vocals
Taylor Mills – Background Vocals
Teal Collins – Background Vocals

Produced and Mixed by Sean Rolie with additional production by Chris “Frenchie” Smith and Daniel Sahad (except “Breaking My Heart” and “That’s The Way It Goes – Produced by Gregg Rolie and Ron Wikso – originally from the “Roots” CD”)

Mixed by Sean Rolie (except “Breaking My Heart” and “That’s The Way It Goes – Mixed by Tom Size – originally from the “Roots” CD)


Here is a YouTube Music Playlist containing all the songs from “Sonic Ranch”:

Here is a Spotify Playlist with all the songs from “Sonic Ranch”:

Additional Info

We initially started recording this record was back in December of 2011, when we went to Sonic Ranch studios, outside of El Paso, TX, to record five songs.

Not long after that, Gregg joined Ringo Starr’s All Starr Band, and the recordings were put on the back burner for a bit, but we did reconvene in December of 2013 to record most of the rest of the basic tracks that wound up on the record. A couple of the songs we did then didn’t make it on the record, and a couple of others, including “What About Love” and “Only You” were written and conceived later.

Eventually, in between moving, touring with Ringo, touring with the Gregg Rolie Band, and the Gregg Rolie Quartet, participating in the Santana IV reunion/recording, plus a few other obligations that Gregg had, the record was finally completed and released in 2019.

I hope you enjoy it!

Track List

Give Me Tomorrow
Breaking My Heart
What About Love
That’s The Way It Goes
Only You
They Want It All
Lift Me Up
Look Into The Future
If I Went Home
Don’t Be Cruel

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