Thom Griffin – “One Fine Day” & “Eight Get By”


Thom Griffin

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Song Credits

For the song “One Fine Day”

Thom Griffin – Vocals
Ron Wikso – Drums
CJ Vanston – Keyboards, Synth Guitars, Synth Bass

For the song “Eight Get By”

Thom Griffin – Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Lap Steel
Ron Wikso – Drums
James Raymond – Keyboards and Synth Bass
Frank Barbalace – Synth Guitars

Both songs Mixed by Rick Fritz


Here are Soundcloud links for these two songs:

One Fine Day

Eight Get By

Additional Info

I got an email from Thom Griffin one day, asking me if I’d be interested in playing on a song of his. Thom is a fantastic singer and we have a number of mutual friends/colleagues in common but I’d never known or worked with him previously, so getting his email was a nice surprise! Thom is an accomplished session singer who’s done a ton of session work in Chicago, as well as serving as the lead singer for Trillion and a number of other bands.

The first one I did for him was a song called “One Fine Day” and he enlisted the help of the incredible CJ Vanston to play keyboards and basically play all the other instruments. CJ has a well deserved reputation as a great keyboard player/producer who’s worked with people like Prince, Barbra Streisand, Ringo Starr, Bob Seger, Toto, Spinal Tap, and many others.

The second song is called “Eight Get By”, and features James Raymond on keyboards. James is another highly accomplished musician, who’s worked with Crosby, Stills & Nash, Michael McDonald, Donald Fagen and many others. He also happens to be David Crosby’s son.

Track List

One Fine Day
Eight Get By

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