Craig Goldy’s Ritual – Hidden In Plain Sight

Album Cover

Craig Goldy's Ritual - Hidden In Plain Sight Album Cover Artwork

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Album Credits

David Glen Eisley – Lead and Background Vocals
Ron Wikso – Drums
Craig Goldy – Guitars
Steph Ellis – Bass Guitar


Here’s a playlist with the three songs I played on for this album:

Here’s a YouTube playlist with fan created videos for these three songs:

Additional Info

Sometime around 1988 or so, my pal, David Glen Eisley asked if I’d like to record a few songs with him and his Giuffria bandmate, Craig Goldy and another of his friends, Survivor bassist, Steph Ellis.

I was happy to be asked and of course, agreed to do it, so the four of us went into a studio in Los Angeles (as I recall, it was in the Silver Lake or Eagle Rock part of town), and recorded these three songs. I believe they were mixed at Rumbo Recorders, in Reseda, CA, but after they were done, unfortunately, nothing much happened with them.

Eventually, Craig started working on another project with a bunch of other musicians and put together his group, Craig Goldy’s Ritual. They recorded several songs and when he put this album out in 1991, which I believe he did under the guidance of Sharon Osbourne, he decided to also include the songs we’d recorded a few years earlier.

I hope you enjoy it!

Craig Goldy's Ritual - Hidden In Plain Sight Album Back Cover Artwork

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